Rab Raakha — The Yellow Diary

Rab Raakha is a poetic ode to the belief that while you search for yourself in this big maze of a world, someone up above, is looking after the ones you love. Indulge in a musical adventure with this serene video, as you begin your journey to self-discovery.


Director : Vishal Handa
Production House : Chocolate Films, India
Executive Producer: Richa Krishna Lal
Cinematographer: Shrinivas Achary
Line Producer : Gurmeet Sodhi
Production Manager: Umesh Chilbe and Manish singh
Art Director: Abhijeet
Make up stylist : Sonira Seth
Hair stylist : Nitu
Costume Stylist: Bharat Gupta
1st AD: Glycen
2nd AD(intern): Tejas Vaidya
Female cast: Ankita Goraya , Sanya Sagar
Edit | Grade: Vishal Handa Associate Editor: Amarendra Bhosle

Rab Raakha — The Yellow Diary

Ni main Dhoond da phira
Ni main bhaagda phira
Ni main bhaagda phira

Main naiya

Be para bad khudi
Meri dhoonda phira
Nin main

Te saareyaan da
Rab rakha rab raakha

Te Saareyaan da
Rab Raakha
Te Saareyaan da

Rab Raakha


Te saareyaan da
Ni main samajhan laga
Dil vi dharkan Laga
Main Main Galat Reya Ajj

Thodi Kadar
Thoda Vakat Leya
Nai Main Galat Reya, Ajj
Main naiya

Bad khudi
Meri dhoonda da phira
Ni main
Te saareya da
Rab raakha
Te Saareya Da

Rab Raakha
Te Saareya rab Raakha
Te Saareya rab Raakha
Rab Raakha


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